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Googles Latest & Biggest Update

It’s Called “Core Web Vitals”

Now there are many elements to Google’s Core Web Vitals, however, the most Vital is about User Experience.

In User Experience, the most vital is the Time it Takes for Your Web Page to Load.

Google now recommends a Maximum page load Time of less than 2 seconds.

This means if your Web Page takes over 2 seconds to load, they will drop down your page in Google Rankings.

They will replace your slow loading page  with a faster loading website that will outrank your page.

You  can easily check the speed of your website by using Googles “Page Speed Insight Tool”.


How To Increase Page Speed?

Enable Compression
Minify Css, Javascript and HTML
Minimising Redirects
Image Optimization
Removing Render-Blocking Javascript
Improving Server Response Time
Using a Content Distribution Network
Browser Caching

To a non technical lay person this all sounds very complicated.

However, their is an easier solution. It’s Mobile First Design with lightning fast load speeds.

This User Friendly Technology has:

  • No SEO plugins required
  • No Schema
  • Security that closes vulnerable WP loopholes.
  • No Widgets needed
  • Rich Media automatically added
  • Push Button Image Optimization

In addition, this technology will get you into the Green with a 90-100 performance rating from thePage Speed Insight Toolfor both Desktop and Mobile ratings.

So if you want to find out more about this User Friendly Mobile First Technology, just complete & Submit your request form below: